Sustainability management

Strategy Risk System Methods


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) –
From Strategy to Reporting


VieSto consults organizations throughout the transformation process of integrating CSR into their strategy and processes

We supports organizations to successfully manage compliance to national and international norms and standards (e.g.: The Directive 2014/95/EU on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information, ISO26000, GRI Standards, UN Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), etc.)

VieSto supports and consults clients to realize non-financial reporting including all its requirements


Context analysis, identify relevant internal and external issues based on web- and media research, megatrends and interviews with internal and external experts.

Gap analysis vis a vis current norms and standards

Workshops covering topics such as Stakeholder Mapping, Materiality Analysis, Risk- and Impact Analysis, or to promote value awareness

Peer Reviews/Benchmarkanalysis

Online Surveys & Interviews with relevant stakeholders

Operational implementation – PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT


VieSto Consulting has extended expertise in organizational development and change management from different industries and sizes of organizations.

Through the integration of CSR standards, companies will benefit from resource efficient production, reduction of environmental harm and improved education, health, security and workplace satisfaction of employees.

Positive leverage from Anti-corruption measures, Human Rights due diligence, improved relationship with relevant stakeholders, etc.



How to manage

non-financial Risks (ESG)


Identification, analysis, evaluation & treatment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks

Address actions which minimize negative impacts and foster positive impacts

Integrate ESG-risks into the existing risk management system

Establishing strategic and operational risk management in accordance with EU’s taxonomy regulation


Consultation and involvement of internal and external stakeholders through e.g. online questionnaires, workshops, stakeholder dialogue, etc.

Application of risk management methods such as PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, probability and impact matrix, etc.

Benchmarking: Identification and analysis of key issues, risks, opportunities and impacts reported by other companies that are operating in the same industry or that are using the same supply chain


Early warning system

Promoting a proactive corporate culture

Optimizing resource usage and resource allocation

Effective damage control and limitation


Internal Audits &

Implementation of Management Systems


Implementation & optimization of management systems (ONR192500, SR10, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001)

Context- and organizational analysis, systematic approach on how to adress risks and opportunities, assessment of competences and knowledge management

Development of integrated management systems

Internal Audits


Coaching to support transformation management through awareness-building and development of  communication strategy

Training on management systems – expansion of in-house competences

Preparation and development of audit program, audit plan and audit report

Internal audits can be carried out either in-house or, where possible, online


Sustainable system-development

Continuous improvement of processes

Provision of an an external and holistic perspective




Providing a comprehensive understanding of CSR standards and guidelines: ISO26000, ONR192500, GRI Standards, SR10, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Workshops and presentations on specific topics such as human rights, business ethics, value formation, anti-corruption, etc.

Trainings at specific venues or in-house

Moderation of events


Planning & execution of trainings adapted to the specific needs of the customer

Planning & execution of workshops

Moderation in German, English or Swedish


Trainings, moderations and workshops can be provided in different languages

Expert knowledge due to practical experience

Provision of a service that guarantees quality and trustworthy collaboration